Legislative Updates

The Florida League of Cities provides legislative action alerts and updates weekly, if not daily. We strongly encourage you to make sure you are signed up to receive the legislative action alerts and check the FLC website weekly for any updates.Click her for the most up-to-date information:

2022 Legislative Action Agenda

2022 Priority Legislative Issues

Short-term Rentals

The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS legislation that restores authority to local governments for the regulation of short-term rental properties as necessary for quality of life, public safety, and a fair lodging marketplace. The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS legislation clarifying that existing, grandfathered municipal short-term rental ordinances can be amended without penalty. The Florida League of Cities OPPOSES legislation that preempts municipal authority as it relates to the regulation of short-term rental properties.

Tara Taggart

Communications Services Tax Reform

The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS reforming the Communications Services Tax in a manner that is revenue neutral; provides for a broad and equitable tax base; provides for enhanced stability and reliability of an important revenue source for municipalities; and provides fora uniform taxing method. Reform should promote a competitively neutral tax policy that will free consumers to choose a provider based on tax-neutral considerations.

Amber Hughes

Tree Protection

The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS legislation to close loopholes and create standards in current law exemptions from municipal tree ordinances that have caused litigation and abuses, including the clear-cutting of land pre-development and the removal of healthy trees that present little, if any, risk to persons or structures. Current law should be amended to apply only to developed single-family residential property, identify industry-appropriate standards for assessing tree risk and identify necessary documentation.

Rebecca O’Hara

Economic Development Incentives

The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS legislation and policies that encourage coordination among Enterprise Florida, theDepartment of Economic Opportunity, other state agencies and cities to promote local economic development by providing increased funding, technical assistance and increased collaboration between the state and cities on offering incentives that maximize economic development opportunities for retention, expansion, and attraction, and building sustainable economic resiliency.

David Cruz

Transportation Funding

The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS legislation:

  • Directing the Florida Department of Transportation to establish a grant program to provide financial assistance for the installation of publicly available electric vehicle charging infrastructure on public or private property
  • Providing technical assistance for the development and adoption of local or regional plans for charging infrastructure and associated equipment
  • Identifying additional transportation revenue to support innovative infrastructure and transit projects to meet the surging transportation demands driven by dramatic growth throughout Florida.

Jeff Branch